Pre-Authorized Donations

Pre-Authorized Donations will only be set up for recurring donations.
If you wish to give a one-time gift, please choose to give by cheque or credit card.

How do I set up recurring Pre-Authorized Donations?


There are two ways to do this:

1. Download, complete and sign the PAD Authorization Form.
2. Mark an unsigned personal cheque as VOID.
3. Scan the PAD form and voided cheque.
4. Attach the scanned form and voided cheque to and email and send to


1. Download, complete and sign the PAD Authorization Form.
2. Mark an unsigned personal cheque as VOID.
3. Mail or deliver the form and voided cheque to:

MSC Canada
101 Amber Street, Unit 16
Markham, Ontario L3R 3B2

Download the PAD Form

Pre-Authorized FAQ

What is a Pre-Authorized Donation?
A “pre-authorized donation” (PAD) allows your bank to transfer a specific amount from your bank account each month.

When are PADs Processed?
PADs are processed on the 10th of each month, except when that day falls on a holiday or weekend; then the funds are transferred the following business day.

When are PADs Receipted?
PADs are receipted at the year-end.

Can I Specify How My Funds are Used?
You should specify how you wish the PAD to be used. Please list the workers, projects or programs and the amount intended for each on the PAD Authorization Form. MSC does not deduct any percentage from donations to workers for our operating costs. If it is not possible for MSC to use the donation as you have specified, you will be contacted to determine alternate use of the funds.

What Are The Benefits of PADs?

  • This service saves you the cost of repeated postage and cheques, as well as online processing fees.
  • Funds are transferred on the same day each month, ensuring consistency even during vacation and holiday times.
  • Lost or stolen cheques are eliminated.
  • Mail disruptions would not affect the transfer of funds from your account to MSC.

Can I Make Changes to My PAD Agreement?
You may modify your arrangements at any time to change the amount of your monthly contribution or how you would like MSC to use the funds. Should you decide to change or terminate your agreement, contact MSC in writing or by email at least two weeks prior to the date of transfer.