SEND: Short Term – Step 4: Support

While a short term worker or team is on the field, stay in touch with them as you’re able. Depending on the length of the trip you may just want to hear the reports once they’re back, but with the ease of communicating across the world these days, there’s no reason you can’t get an update from them somewhat regularly while they’re away. Many short term workers set up blogs or Facebook pages or even Twitter accounts to keep folks back here informed. Thanks to the ease and freedom of video chatting today, you could also consider investing some of your Sunday morning service in a live Skype or Google+ Hangout video chat with the worker or team while they’re on the field. Take these opportunities not just to receive information and updates and encouragement, but to also give back updates and encouragement as well.

Mission workers go out in faith that God will provide their needs through his people. As a worker’s sending church, you share in the responsibility of being the means through which God provides for this worker. Financially supporting a short term worker or team is front-loaded. As there aren’t any recurring or monthly expenses to be concerned with, the lump sum cost of the trip is known well in advance and the Lord usually provides that money through His people beforehand.