Retired Workers

We would like to remember those who are retired from active service on the foreign field. This list is likely not complete, and we have not included those who have returned to Canada to enter secular employment, or to be involved in an active ministry among the Lord’s people here in the homeland. Some of those whose names are given are in retirement homes, some have homes of their own, some have chosen to remain on the field where they served for most of their lives. We have shown them with their country of service.

We would be happy to supply you with additional information about any of these valued servants of the Lord.

Worker(s)Previous Country of Service
Maryen BaisleyUganda
Marjorie BeckwithAngola
Beverly BoyleSpain
Gerda BouwmanNetherlands
Barbara CongoFrance
Rhoda CummingVenezuela
Grace DoolanPortugal
Nora DraperZambia
Paul & Ruth FursethSpecial Areas
Ernest & Ellen GreenFrance
Blanquita HaggertyBolivia
Helmut & Shirley HaltrichBolivia
Catharine HanksFrance
Richard & Marina HaverkampBelgium
Vivian HendersonChad
Marie MacDougallKenya
Janet MacDougallChad
Elma RichesBarbados
Margaret RobertsTaiwan
Charles & Betty ShortenAngola
Jose TeriArgentina
Kay TidsburyHonduras
Alice TurnerZambia
Marion WilsonZambia

Last update: October 28th, 2016